Universal Axles Slide Hammer Puller Set


  • Used to pull axles and hubs on most cars and trucks
  • Kit including: 5 lb. slide hammer; 2 – jaw and 3 – jaw internal and external puller; puller hook; rear axle puller; dent puller; and grip wrench adapter
  • Supplied in a portable case

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This universal sliding hammer puller kit is great for general automotive work like pulling flange-type rear axles, most front-wheel drive hubs, and lots more. It can also be used for removing dents. The kit includes a 5lb malleable steel slide hammer which gives you a quick precise pull in tight areas. Internal and external jaws provide a variety of combinations to pull bearings, gears and seals. It also includes a grip wrench adapter, a puller hook, a rear axle puller, and a dent puller attachment for sheet metal or other unique pulling requirements. Crafted by hardened and tempered steel, this slide hammer puller kit is endowed with maximum durability for years of use. All tools are well stored in a sturdy case for easy transport.

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