Bearing Splitter and Gear Puller Set


Tie rods for bearing-cutters: 4x (small)
Tie rods for separating knives: 4x (large)
Train arms for plates & bearing: 10cm
Large cutting knife: yes
Small cutting knife: yes
Gable: yes
Hex push-puller legs: set of 4
Pc yoke with center adapter: yes
Extension legs: set of 4
Storage suitcase: yes

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This bearing separator and puller set is designed for removing bearings, inner rings and other dense components on your car. This set is also suitable for pulling off bearing shafts and separating bearing housings This set contains 2 sets of bearing splitters along with pulling components to safely remove bearings. Included in the set is a forcing screw with bearing splitters which may be used separately or in combination with other pullers or tools

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