10-Piece Bearing Race & Seal Driver Set


Disk sizes included: 39.5-44.5-50-59-63-65-72-76-81 mm. (1.555″, 1.752″, 1.968″, 2.322″, 2.480″, 2.559″, 2.834″, 2.992″, and 3.188″.).
Driver handle with bolt diameter: 14 mm.
Carrying case: included.

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This permits easy installation of tapered bearing races and seals without damage to the component or housing. The tapered side of the driver is used to install races. It’s simple; just invert the driver to the flat side to install the seals. Included are 9 disc sizes to fit the most standard wheel bearings. Also included is a driver handle and a handy carrying case.

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